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Anonymous asked: When did Namsong go to gallery together? Do you have gif or video of it?



There are no videos of the gallery date, only fantaken pictures:

getting the tickets

at the gallery

Mino waiting for Taehyun…

…who’s probably lost in his own thoughts

Taehyun waiting for Mino who’s probably buying something in a near-by (?) library:

The two of them going shopping on the streets:

going on with their date somewhere else or going home (?):

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"I thought to myself, if I beat Vasco, it will be like a super rookie overthrowing a superstar. I told myself I had to destroy the stage.”

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excuse you, song minho?

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when the eldest hyung gets too absorbed in the toy vending machine

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Seunghoon’s choreography explained. (+)

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Life ruiner  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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It’s HIM on the screen

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140830 TOP & Taeyang @ YG Fam Concert in Shanghai

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